Metallica to Release Rarities and Demos on Vinyl

James Hetfield with Metallica in concert in 2017. Photo by Roberto Finizio/REX/Shutterstock (9373522b)

Metallica is getting in on the vinyl revival in an interesting way. The thrash metal legends just announced that they are launching a new subscription service, which will give fans exclusive access to their vinyl releases.

The Metallica Vinyl Club will offer die-hard fans to experience the band’s demos, rarities, and alternate versions of the songs. According to the press release, none of the planned content was previously available on vinyl.

“It’s been super exciting to see the resurgence of vinyl and how much enjoyment we all get collecting, exploring and connecting with other fans mining for lost treasures,” the band wrote on social media. “Those of us who love the look, feel, and sonic warmth of vinyl are sorta in our little exclusive club, so with that in mind we thought it would be fun to start adding to our collections on a regular basis.”

The subscription service is available for registration through March, after which registration closes until 2021. In the first leg of releases, the subscribers will get four collections, pressed on a 7-inch vinyl record, through 2020. The subscription also comes with a membership card that can be personalized and an additional collector’s items. 

Metallica’s most recent studio album came in 2016 when they released acclaimed Hardwired… to Self-Destruct. Since then, the band has been touring the world on several occasions.