How the “I Am Not Okay With This” Soundtrack Came Together

Wyatt Oleff and Sophia Lillis in "I Am Not Okay With This"

Netflix gave us another must-see teen series with I Am Not Okay With This, and its nostalgic soundtrack, filled with classic rock songs and power ballads, perfectly captured its angsty vibe.

Netflix’s latest series tells the story of a teenage misfit Sydney Novak, who’s slowly coming to terms with the fact she has telekinetic powers. Like some of the previous teen dramas on this streaming service, Not Okay has a strong ‘80s esthetics, despite the fact it’s obviously not set in this era.

In addition to Stanley’s favorite fictional band Bloodwitch (songs performed by Blur’s Graham Coxon), the soundtrack for this show also included classic songs from Paul Young, Bonnie Tyler, Pixies, and Roxette, and co-creator Jonathan Entwistle explained where he found inspiration for this unusual musical mix.

“I’m kind of enjoying Midwestern ballads from the ‘40s and ‘50s at the moment right now, back when the Midwest was amazing. I quite enjoy that as an aesthetic. But, there’s John Hughes [references] in here too,” Entwistle told Refinery29.