The Distillers Have Plans for a New Album

The Distillers in concert at Manchester in 2014. Photo by Danny Payne/REX/Shutterstock (3707715g)

Broody Dalle has confirmed that The Distillers will be working on a new album in 2019.

It has now been 16 whole years since we have heard new music from the Californian punk band. In 2003, they released the daring ‘Coral Fang’ and we have heard practically nothing from them since.

Now, Dalle has promised fans that the band will be back in the studio to work in a new album this year.

Sharing a fabulous picture of herself in a wicked vintage dress on Instagram, Dalle wrote: “Hello 40 , hello vintage 80’s dress from Paris that I found in the desert 5 years ago for NYE and never wore , hello luck , hello love , hello success hello divine protection , hello health , hello wishes , hello cake for breakfast , hello 2019 , hello you , happy new year! HELLO making a Distillers record in April , oh yes das right.”

The news follows last year’s announcement that they would be going on tour this year. The line-up will be the same as it was for the 2003 ‘Coral Fang’ release and the punk band will be playing big dates in North America and Europe.

More details on the upcoming album when announced.