The Black Crowes Announce 2020 Reunion Tour

The Black Crowes - Chris Robinson and Rich Robinson. Photo by Stephanie Paschal/Shutterstock (579258c)

The Black Crowes fans will finally get the tour they have been waiting for.

Variety reported that the band is getting back together for a reunion tour in 2020. They will be playing their Shake Your Money Maker album as well as their greatest hits in the New York area beginning in July.

The news was announced in Penn Station via an advertisement.

It has not yet been revealed which Crowes members will be involved in the tour, but it’s been speculated that brothers Cris and Rich Robinson will be the ones returning.

Drummer Steve Gorman has said in interviews that he knows the band is reuniting, but he hasn’t been invited.

The band’s last performance was in 2013 and they separated in 2015.

More information on the band’s reunion will be reported as it becomes known.