No Rome Shares His Thoughts On Making Money in New Song “Talk Nice”

No Rome. Photo by Greg Chow/Shutterstock (10217193a)

No Rome is gaining momentum — and with it, worldly wisdom.

The 22-year-old musician has been hitting his stride lately, and has now released a new video for the song “Talk Nice.” Currently on tour in Australia together with The 1975 (both are signed to Dirty Hit), No Rome found the time to talk to NME about the inspiration behind the song.

“The whole topic of the song is me singing about these emotions that relate to cost and money,” he explained. “The reality is that I don’t feel like money is everything, but money is kind of everything in the way that life has a price to pay.”

One could speculate that these feelings about money have risen due to No Rome’s ongoing success. “I have this frustration, because I feel like I’m growing up,” he added.

“I don’t know about the side of getting bigger as an artist but I can see that more and more people are being introduced to my music – especially through being on this tour with The 1975. That’s really helped to boost up my fanbase.”

No Rome has written songs which revolved around money before, but in “Talk Nice” he shows a newfound maturity regarding the subject. “I feel like these songs like ‘Cashmoney’ were solely written about making money, and this one is an explanation to me about wanting to get rid of that idea,” No Rome concluded. “Money is something that we have to live with, but so is emotion.”

Watch “Talk Nice” below.