Trent Reznor Said His Oscar Nominations Felt “Surreal And Humbling”

Trent Reznor performing in 2017
Trent Reznor performing in 2017. Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock (8971600bs)

Trent Reznor might be considered a genius by certain music critics, but that doesn’t mean it’s gotten to his head. The Nine Inch Nails star was recently nominated for two Oscars—an experience that he said was “surreal and humbling and incredibly flattering.”

Alongside bandmate Atticus Ross, Reznor received a nomination for creating the score of Mank, a David Fincher-directed Netflix film. He was also nominated for making the jazzy score of Soul, the Pixar animated smash hit.

“(It’s) another thing that kind of doesn’t seem real in a year when everything starts to blur together. But we’re very grateful,” Reznor said about his nomination.

Regarding his collaboration with Pixar, Reznor claimed that the company had been his “list of dream collaborators” before he got the job. When he was asked why, he said: “Because we just love Pixar.”

But Reznor had a lot more to say about his love for Pixar: “There’s a humanity and a greatness to them that’s several notches above… I won’t even limit it to animation, there’s just a quality that always appealed to us.”

The musician went on to say that he and Ross were more than willing to work with Pixar if the opportunity ever came up. Now that they have, they were able to snag an Oscar nomination.

On April 25th, we’ll see whether or not the Nine Inch Nails frontman will receive any hardware for his efforts.