Sex Pistols Reunion Ruled Out By Drummer Paul Cook

The Sex Pistols — Glen Matlock, John Lydon, Paul Cook, and Steve Jones — in concert at the Joint, Las Vegas, 2008. Photo by Shutterstock (768878m)

If you are hoping to see punk icons Sex Pistols live on stage in the future, then brace yourself for some harsh news. According to the group’s drummer Paul Cook, they won’t be reuniting anytime soon.

Cook recently had a chat with Daily Record and was asked about the possibility of Sex Pistols making a live comeback.

“I can’t see it happening again for the Pistols and I don’t think anyone wants it to,” Cook responded.

He also went to add that the bad relationship between vocalist Johnny Rotten and guitarist Steve Jones remains one of the main reasons why this isn’t possible.  

“There’s so much water under the bridge and so much history, I don’t think it would work out,” Cook explained.

Sex Pistols officially disbanded in 1978, but the band eventually made several reunions in the 1990s and 2000s, embarking on worldwide tours. Their most recent comeback was in 2007 when they initially signed on to play five shows in the UK. This eventually turned into the Combine Harvester Tour, during which they played a number of European festivals.

Cook and Jones got back together for a one-off show in 2018 at The Roxy in Hollywood, when they played several Sex Pistols songs with Billy Idol and Tony James of Generation X.