Ricky Gervais May Be a Musician But He’s Glad He’s Not a Rockstar

Ricky Gervais. Photo by Michael Buckner/Variety/REX/Shutterstock (6898293bv)

Ricky Gervais may have proven himself to be a talented musician but his dreams of being a rockstar are long gone.

Before becoming a successful comedian, writer and the mind behind The Office, Gervais once perused a career in music. He formed a pop duo called “Seona Dancing” in 1973 and they released two singles which flopped everywhere but the Philippines.

Although these days are long gone, the video still haunts him. You can check it out below:

When asked by NME whether he still dreamed of being a rockstar, Gervais replied: “God, no. I think I gave that up at 28. I’ve got much more of a comedian’s face and body now. People said that after Life On The Road – just because I can play and sing. After Ghost Town people didn’t say ‘Oh, do you really want to be a dentist?’

“I think we are rockstars. The fact that we’ve got a platform and go out there and say what you want as a stand-up, that’s pretty close.”

He added: “It’s all ‘Look at me, look at me’. That’s why a comedian should be fat and old and ugly.”