Joe Satriani Announces New Album “Shapeshifting”

Joe Satriani. Photo by RMV/Shutterstock (10182635o)

Guitar legend Joe Satriani is about to be inducted into the Metal Hall of Fame and he celebrates this happy occasion with a happy announcement: the coming release of his 18th studio album: Shapeshifting. The guitarist did not provide an exact date but the album will be released this spring.

The release of the new album will coincide with his European tour which was announced earlier. Satriani will take the stages of Europe alongside bassist Bryan Beller, drummer Kenny Aronoff, and keyboardist Rai Thistlethwayte and will play new material alongside songs from former albums such as Surfing With The Alien and Flying In A Blue Dream. The first date is April 15 in Mainz, Germany.

In addition to the new upcoming album, Satriani also released a deluxe edition of 1987 Surfing With The Alien on digital platforms. The new version includes the original tracks and 10 bonus songs as well as new artwork.

Satriani’s induction to the Metal Hall of Fame will be handed by Seve Vai. he will be inducted into the hall next to Graham Bonnet, Stephen Pearcy, Geoff Tate, Don Dokken, Chris Poland, Prong, Stone City Attractions, and Metal Church.