Haim has opened up about the emotional experiences that shaped their new single “Now I’m In It”.

The new single was released on Wednesday. Danielle Haim has described it as “chaotic”, explaining that the track is an illustration of her battle with depression.

In a candid Instagram post, Haim wrote: “The track is chaotic – like my mind when i’m spiraling. fast-talking to myself – words jumbled up. heartbeat racing. these times are hard to forget and even harder to work through. after being constantly on the go the past couple years, i didn’t wanna stop and deal with some s**t. also, every day my sisters and i feel so f***ing lucky that we get to do this for a living!!!”

She added: “It seemed like stopping and dealing with these emotions would be letting everyone down. But every time I’ve been depressed- it takes me accepting that I need help, to start to get out of it.”

You can read the full post below: