Enter Shikari Frontman Reveals What They Have in Store for Next Album

Rou Reynolds in concert with Enter Shikari in 2017. Photo by Scott Garfitt/REX/Shutterstock (9240467aa)

The members of Enter Shikari have been pretty busy touring last year, but 2020 is bringing a change of pace. They’re ready to hit the studio and give us what they’re calling “the definitive Shikari record.”

The band’s frontman, Rou Reynold shared an update on the group’s upcoming album with Kerrang! and said there’s “a real plan starting to form” because they did a lot of writing while on tour.

“There’s some heavy stuff, some euphoric things… the synths and guitars are bolder on this record. We’re trying to make the definitive Shikari record; the one that a fan would pass to their mate like, ‘You don’t know Shikari? This is where you start,’” he said.

Enter Shikari’s frontman also said this record will feature tracks that wouldn’t sound of place on some of their previous albums, including their first two Take to the Skies and Common Dreads. The band’s latest LP The Spark came out in 2017, but they dropped two live albums in the meantime.