Drake and Future’s New Video is Here to Tell You That “Life is Good”

Drake in concert. Photo by RMV/REX/Shutterstock (9911149d)

Drake and Future collaborated more times than we can count, and they’re back at it again! The two hip-hop superstars joined forces in the music video for their new single “Life is Good,” which already became a viral sensation.

The epic video, helmed by Drake’s frequent collaborator Director X, feels like a trailer for an amazing buddy comedy we wouldn’t mind watching for two hours. It sees the duo working a series of odd jobs, such as picking trash, working as mechanics and IT consultants, baking cookies and serving fast food.

They finally get to film the music video they’ve been dreaming about at the very end of the clip, but once the director asks them for another take it turns out that Drake and Future are working as production assistant and cameraman, as well!

“Life is Good” is only the latest in the long string of collaborations between two rappers. They topped the Billboard 200 chart with their 2015 mixtape What a Time to Be Alive, and they’re expected to release its follow-up this year.