Best New Songs of the Week

Kings of Leon at Reading Festival in August 2018
Kings of Leon at Reading Festival in August 2018. Photo by RMV/Shutterstock (9817589fc)

March has finally approached its final week, and our favorite artists are wrapping it up in style! Beyoncé leads our list of the best songs of the week alongside Miley Cyrus following the release of Cowboy Carter, but Vampire Weekend, Twenty One Pilots, and St. Vincent also made the cut.

No album this week created more buzz than Beyoncé’s brilliant new record Cowboy Carter, which will change the way you look at country. Each of the 27 songs on Queen B’s barrier-breaking new album deserves a spot on our list, and we decided to go with “II Most Wanted” ft. Miley Cyrus.

Most mainstream artists made a smart decision and avoided releasing new singles to avoid competing with Beyoncé, but that didn’t stop indie acts from sharing new music with the world.

Some of our favorite alternative rock bands dropped new music this past week, starting with Vampire Weekend’s “Mary Boone”, Twenty One Pilots’ “Next Semester”, and Kings Of Leon’s “Split Screen”. Sum 41 bid farewell with their final album Heaven :x: Hell, which produced their latest single “Dopamine”.

As for the rest of our list for this week, you’ll find everything from Latin collaborations, including “It Was Always You” by Carin León and Leon Bridges and “BYAK” by Alvaro Diaz and Rauw Alejandro, St. Vincent’s “Flea” featuring Dave Grohl on the drums, and several girl power bops, such as Isabel LaRosa’s “Favorite” and Becky Hill’s “Outside of Love”.

Twenty One Pilots – “Next Semester”

St. Vincent – “Flea”

Vampire Weekend – “Mary Boone”

Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus – “II Most Wanted”

Kings Of Leon – “Split Screen”

Carin León, Leon Bridges – “It Was Always You”

Isabel LaRosa – “Favorite”

Becky Hill – “Outside of Love”

Sum 41 – “Dopamine”

Alvaro Diaz, Rauw Alejandro – “BYAK”