A Day To Remember Shares New Single “Mindreader”

A Day To Remember in concert. Photo by Olly Stabler/Shutterstock (10371698as)

A Day To Remember (ADTR) members are still unsure when their new album You’re Welcome will be out, but they are trying to make the wait a bit easier for their fans. The rockers recently released the album’s third single, titled “Mindreader,” accompanied by a cool animated video.

According to ADTR’s frontman Jeremy McKinnon, the group had a video in store for some time now and decided to share it now so their audience could get a taste of their new material.

“We’ve had this video done for some time now, and seeing as how our album isn’t out yet and the state of the world is keeping us off the road, we wanted to get some new material out there for our fans as soon as possible.”

McKinnon also revealed that he wrote “Mindreader” with producer Mike Green, known for his work with Sum 41, All Time Low, Gwen Stefani, and others. Hear the track below.

A Day To Remember initially announced their plans to release You’re Welcome, their seventh studio release, in November 2019. However, just one week before the album was scheduled to hit the shelves, the band decided to postpone the release for early 2020. Guitarist Kevin Skaff explained at the time that the album is still in the mixing phase with artwork left to be completed.

The group previously released tracks “Degenerates” and “Resentment” as the record’s first two singles.