This Underrated ’80s Classic Completely Changed the New “Stranger Things“ Season

Gaten Matarazzo in "Stranger Things"

The third season of Stranger Things came out a couple of days ago, but all the true fans already binge-watched the entire thing. Like every chapter before it, this one was filled with epic musical moments, but one of the songs from the soundtrack really stood out.

If you watched the new season right away, you already know we’re talking about Dustin and Suzie’s rendition of “The NeverEnding Story” from the cult 1984 movie of the same name. The duo performed their epic cover during one of the crucial scenes, and many fans agree this moment actually shaped the future of several characters.

We won’t get into details as many people still haven’t seen the new season, but it was pretty interesting to learn how this moment came to be. Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) and Gabriella Pizzolo (Suzie) weren’t familiar with the song before, but it didn’t take them long to learn it – and spread it around the set.

“We ended up harmonizing together, which I didn’t expect. It just took like a day to learn all the words. Definitely, by the end of the day it was stuck in everyone’s heads,” recalled Matarazzo in an interview with Hollywood Reporter.