Snoop Dogg Celebrates His Accomplishments in a Reflective New Video

Snoop Dogg at BottleRock, Napa Valley Music Festival, California, May 2018. Photo by RMV/REX/Shutterstock (9695342bd)

Snoop Dogg has been one of the biggest names on the hip-hop scene for nearly three decades, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that he takes pride in his accomplishments. The music video for his latest single, “I Wanna Thank Me,” does just that as it sees the rapper taking a stroll down memory lane.

This song was named by Snoop’s iconic acceptance speech that he delivered during last year’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. The music video opens with a clip from the ceremony and sees him saying the following:

“Last but not least, I wanna thank me. I wanna thank me for believing in me. I wanna thank me for doing all this hard work. I wanna thank me for having no days off. I wanna thank me for… for never quitting,” says Snoop Dogg in the infamous acceptance speech that went viral a couple of months ago.

The rest of the video shows the famous rapper getting ready for his gigs, hanging out with his fans, coaching young football players and performing at sold-out venues around the world. “I Wanna Thank Me” is the first single from his upcoming album of the same name, due to be released later this summer.