The National Unveils Short Film “I Am Easy to Find”

Matt Berninger from The National performs at The 2018 Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta. Photo by Hector Amador/imageSPACE/SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock (9664566br)

The National’s new studio album I Am Easy to Find is hitting the shelves this week, but that’s not the only exciting project they have in store. This record is accompanied by an artful short film of the same name – and you can watch it right now!

This spectacular 24-minute clip stars Oscar-winning actress Alicia Vikander, and it was directed by critically acclaimed filmmaker Mike Mills. He received the stems of new songs from band members, who encouraged him to experiment and create his own versions to score this film.

“The album then features different versions of these same seven songs – and nine new songs which sometimes refer to the themes, texts, ideas from the film but are their own work, their own piece of art,” explained Mills in an official statement.

He previously described the album and short film as “playfully hostile siblings that love to steal from each other.” They may have a lot in common, but should be understood as two separate entities.

We’ll get to find out how different they actually are when I Am Easy to Find comes out on May 17.