RÜFÜS DU SOL “Solace Remixed”: An Example Of What A Remix Record Should Be

Rufus Du Sol. Photo by Abel Fermin/Shutterstock (5780894fb)

Rufus Du Sol just dropped their first remix album, Solace Remixed. The eighteen-track record sees the likes of Audiofly, Icarus and Cassian rework tracks from the group’s successful 2018 album, Solace. What made Solace so popular was arguably the introspective nature of the record. But did this get lost in the remixes?

“We’ve always loved people being able to put their own spin on our music in a new context. It felt like at this point we were able to get in touch with some of the artists we admire and it seemed like an opportunity not to be missed. It allowed some more dance-orientated artists to create special moments for dance floors around the world.” – RÜFÜS DU SOL

Solace is focused on the lyrics, rather than on the beat. Singer Tyrone Lindqvist brings a new shade of emotion to the electronic scene and on this remixed record, the group brings the best of both. The titular track “Solace” has been remixed by Lastlings and the product is a dancier, denser rendition of the original track. Whereas the original is solemn and stripped back, the re-imagined version retains the emotion of the original while bringing the beats.

Audiofly’s remix of “New Sky” also adds a much-needed pulse to the track. If Solace is Rufus Du Sol’s post-workout snooze, Audiofly’s remix is the warmup before the race. All the producers succeed in retaining the charm of the original tracks in their raw form while bringing something extra to the table. This is exactly what a successful remix should be.

The album highlight has got to be the VIP Edit’s re-imagining of “Eyes.” More layers are added and VIP Edit plays around with an impressive range of soundscapes. The remixed version of “Eyes” is bound to be a crowdpleaser.

Overall, Solace Remixed is a solid example of a remix album which deserved to be made. By reaching out to dance-orientated artists, Rufus Du Sol successful repurposed what made Solace so great while bringing their fans something entirely new.