Kasabian’s Tom Meighan Has Been “Growing Vegetables” While Pizzorno Goes Solo

Tom Meighan of Kasabian. Photo by Dan Reid/Shutterstock (9724721fv)

Kasabian’s Tom Meighan has revealed that he has been doing a bit of gardening and looking after his guinea pigs while Kasabian frontman Serge Pizzorno goes solo.

Pizzorno recently released his debut solo album, which has left fans wondering what the future holds for Kasabian.

At the premiere for Liam Gallagher’s new Oasis documentary As It Was, Meighan revealed that the band have no immediate plans to create new music.

“We’re taking a bit of a break,” Meighan told NME. “Serge is doing his thing, I’m doing my thing. I’ve actually been growing vegetables in the garden. We have guinea pigs and a sphynx called Vivian The Headless Cat. I’m going to be growing plants, planting seeds. I’m not David Bellamy – God rest his soul.”

In addition to getting up to some very rock ‘n’ roll gardening, Meighan is also working on some new solo music. When asked whether he plans to go solo, he said: “I’ve been doing it for years anyway. We’ll get together next year and write a record. I love Serge and I back him 100%.”

He added: “He’s my Paul [McCartney].”