James Mercer Shares Exciting News About The Shins’ Next Album

The Shins - James Mercer during the
The Shins - James Mercer during the "21st Birthday Tour" in 2022. Photo by Greg Chow/Shutterstock (13031417c)

It’s been six years since The Shins released their last studio album, but it seems they finally have some new music on the way. James Mercer discussed his creative process in a recent interview and revealed he’s been working on The Shins’ next album.

Mercer recently made an appearance on Consequence‘s The Story Behind The Song podcast and revealed he has 17 new songs in the pipeline, that have already been recorded.

“I’m always working on something. I’m always fiddling with the guitar and searching for those moments, you know? So, I’ve got a bunch of stuff. And I don’t know how long it’ll take, but I’ll start in September, and I’ll do another Shins record,” said Mercer.

The Shins haven’t released a new studio album since Heartworms in 2017. The indie band’s fifth studio album was met with positive reviews, and it produced singles “Dead Alive”, “Name for You”, “Half a Million”, and “Cherry Hearts”.

In addition to making music with The Shins, James Mercer put a lot of energy into his side project Broken Bells with Brian Burton aka Danger Mouse. Their acclaimed third studio album Into the Blue hit the shelves this October, and its release was preceded by singles “We’re Not in Orbit Yet…”, “Saturdays”, and “Love on the Run”.