Charli XCX Opens Up About Her New Album “Brat”

Charli XCX at the 40th Brit Awards in 2020
Charli XCX at the 40th Brit Awards in 2020. Photo by JM Enternational/Shutterstock (10558799fk)

Charli XCX’s Brat is one of the most highly-anticipated new albums coming our way this summer, and she finally dropped some hints about this record. She discussed its release in a recent interview with Vogue Singapore and said it feels “quite different” from her previous records.

The British singer discussed her next era in a recent cover story for Vogue Singapore and revealed what her new album Brat has in store. She said that the conversations with her friends fueled a fun, gossipy narrative that permeates the album.

“Lyrically, this is quite a different record for me. I’ve written the songs almost in the way I would write texts to my friends or based on things I would say to them on FaceTime. We talk a lot about pop culture and music and it’s been really fun to gossip about the songs,” said Charli XCX.

She also discussed the polarizing album cover of Brat, which features the low-res image of the word “brat” on a lime-green background. The two-time Grammy nominee said she wanted to go with “an offensive, off-trend shade of green” in an attempt to trigger the idea of something being wrong and challenging our expectations of pop culture.

Brat will be released later this summer and Charli XCX promoted it with the lead single “Von Dutch”.