Zara Larsson Reveals What to Expect From Her New Album “Venus”

Zara Larsson at Swedish Idol in Stockholm in 2018
Zara Larsson at Swedish Idol in Stockholm in 2018. Photo by IBL/REX/Shutterstock (10019739r)

Zara Larsson’s new album Venus is hitting the shelves this winter, and expectations are running high. The Swedish singer opened up about her fourth studio album in a recent interview with Billboard and revealed what we can expect once it hits the shelves.

Larsson told Billboard that Venus is “a very solid body of work” that she’s very proud of and dropped some hints about the genres she’s going to explore. She said she’ll stick to her signature pop sound, but added her new album will also feature R&B-leaning tracks with drum patterns and beats, but her voice will be the main thread tying it all together.

When asked how Venus compares to her previous album Poster Girl, the Swedish songstress explained that the alter ego she created this time is “definitely more dynamic” than the previous one.

“She is more brave in the sense that she dares to be more personal and emotional, but she’s also just a bit more personal in the sassy, fun way. Like she would say some s—, you know? She’s more playful, but at the same time, more honest,” Larsson told Billboard.

Venus will be released on February 9, 2024, and Larsson gave us a taste of things to come with singles “Can’t Tame Her”, “End of Time”, and “On My Love”.