Tove Lo Strikes Gold With New Song “Glad He’s Gone”

Tove Lo. Photo by Ibl/Shutterstock (9360685aa)
Tove Lo. Photo by Ibl/Shutterstock (9360685aa)

The young Swedish singer Tove Lo – rightfully dubbed as ‘Sweden’s darkest pop export’ by Rolling Stone magazine – dropped the first single from her forthcoming album that will be named Sunshine Kitty and will be released by Island Records.

The new bold, empowering song Glad He’s Gone was released last Friday and it amazed her global fan base. Co-produced by Shellback and Struts, the song has a real potential to become a summer hit with its catchy sound and memorable lyrics, backed up by an addictive rhythm.

The music video starts with a cartoon featuring a lynx which the singer says is an extension of herself because Lo means lynx in Swedish. As she explains, the lynx in the video is “super cute” but does silly stuff like “getting in fights and getting f***ed up”, which is how she perceives her new album. 

In a press release, she said that we have all been on both sides of a breakup pep talk with our friends and that we all know how good it feels to get your partner in crime back when they finally leave that idiot behind.

Listen to Tove Lo’s new song here: