Five Finger Death Punch Will Return to Their Heavier Side on Next Album

Five Finger Death Punch perform in August. Photo by Suzanne Cordeiro/Shutterstock (9779961o)

Fans of Five Finger Death Punch who are fond of their heavy sound will be pleased by their next album. The Las Vegas band is promising they’re going back to their roots and preparing one of their heaviest albums to date.

The band members posted a series of videos from the studio documenting their progress, and guitarist Zoltan Bathory dished about their next album and revealed what we can expect once it comes out.

“Some nasty riffs, the vocals are great, kind of like War Is the Answer, Way of the Fist a little bit. For some reason, the music is kind of shifting back to that heavier side. I’m really curious to see how this is going to turn out, wow,” said Bathory.

Members of Five Finger Death Punch still haven’t shared a release date for this record, but it’s safe to expect it will be out in the next year or two. Their previous album And Justice for None came out last year and debuted at no. 4 on Billboard 200 chart.