The Wombats’ Matthew Murphy Debuts His Latest Musical Project

Matthew Murphy in concert with The Wombats in 2018. Photo by Ian Witlen/Shutterstock (9725166af)

Matthew ‘Murph’ Murphy from The Wombats has launched a new project which is somewhere between a supergroup and something new.

The project features guest appearances from the likes of Alt-J’s Gus Unger-Hamilton, Joey Santiago and Maddi Waterhouse.

Speaking about why he decided to start the semi-supergroup project, Murphy explained to NME: “Every person in a band wants to do this or have a go at it, so this is my time. I wanted to wait for the right time to come around and it felt like everything was good with the band and this was the time to try something new.”

When asked exactly what the project is, Murphy explained that it is called
“Love Fame Tragedy” and consists of a collection of songs he has been working on since 2016.

“A supergroup?” Murph ponders. “Not really. Something like that is hard to hold down, with everyone’s schedules. One of my friends has started this Beatles cover band with Graham Coxon and Matt Bellamy and loads of people [Dr Pepper’s Jaded Hearts Club Band]. That sounds like a logistical nightmare. But trying to get as many people as possible involved and playing on stuff is a good tier below that.”

You can check out the first track here: