Ronnie James Dio Returns Once More In a Stunning Holographic Performance

Ronnie James Dio of Heaven and Hell performs the last concert in the band's 2007 World Tour at the Radio City Music Hall, New York, Mar 2007. Photo by Greg Allen/Shutterstock (654553q)

One of the most prominent names on the US heavy metal scene was the legendary singer, songwriter and composer Ronnie James Dio.

Being one of the most prolific authors in his genre, it is fair to say that he had a cult-like fan base that adored him and surely lost a great hero after his death in 2010.

But this year his fans were granted a unique and unbelievable opportunity that sparked a lot of mixed opinions, but eventually was greeted with great enthusiasm.

The great singer appeared on stage once again during the hologram tour that started this May and ended June 29th, closing in Las Vegas. The stunning hologram surprised fans everywhere and reminded them of the good old times at Dio’s concerts.

The show lasted 90 minutes and the hologram of Ronnie James Dio was accompanied by a live band, which consisted of the former Dio members Simon Wright, Scott Warren and Craig Goldie.

During the show there were also appearances by the Lynch Mob vocalist Oni Logan and also the singer from Judas Priest, Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens, which made the show even more spectacular.

The event also makes you think if we are going to be able to listen our favorite singers at concerts in the future even when such a thing is not physically possible?