P!nk Takes a Stroll Down Memory Lane in “All I Know So Far”

P!nk in concert in 2017.
P!nk in concert in 2017. Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Variety/REX/Shutterstock (9165956fv)

P!nk went through many different stages over the course of the past two decades, and her latest music video honors them all. The nostalgic viideo for her latest single “All I Know So Far” shows the singer taking a walk down memory lane while telling a bedtime story to her daughter.

The Dave Meyers-directed video opens with the singer and her daughter Willow before taking us through a series of different settings. After revisiting P!nk’s childhood, the video explores many ups and downs of her professional and personal life, before showing her finding peace.

The “All I Know So Far” video is quite a family affair and Willow isn’t the only one who makes an appearance. P!nk’s son Jameson Moon and husband Carey Hart are also a part of the video, while Cher and Judith Light pop up for brief cameos at the very end.

P!nk used this song to tease the release of her upcoming documentary, which will be released together with the companion album, titled All I Know So Far: Setlist. “All I Know So Far” will be featured on this album together with live performances from Beautiful Trauma tour and P!nk’s duet with Willow Sage Hart, titled “Cover Me in Sunshine”.