Måneskin Pay Homage to ’90s Film in Their “Supermodel” Music Video

Victoria De Angelis, Damiano David, and Thomas Raggi from Måneskin in 2021
Victoria De Angelis, Damiano David, and Thomas Raggi from Måneskin in 2021. Photo by IBL/Shutterstock (12130689t)

Måneskin made a splash at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with the first live performance of their new single “Supermodel”—and that was just the beginning. The Italian band dropped a video for this song, which pays homage to their favorite ’90s films.

The Eurovision winners drew inspiration for their latest song from their time spent in LA, where they were surprised to learn how much people cared about the idea of celebrity and status. The music video explores similar themes, and the band members had a lot of fun filming it in London.

“We tried to capture a cinematic vibe about an enigmatic character in the track and we wanted the visual to reflect that. After we came up with the idea, we worked closely with the directors and Ben [Chappell] to recreate frame shots and sequences from our favorite 90s films,” said the band in the statement.

Måneskin rose to stardom after winning the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Zitti e buoni”. They became one of the rare Eurovision acts to gain international stardom and went on to perform on Saturday Night Live, becoming the first Italian act to appear on this show. They also reached the top five on the Billboard Global 200 chart with their cover of The Four Seasons’ smash hit “Beggin'”.