Lamb of God’s Chris Alder Shares His Reasons For Leaving the Band

Lamb Of God in 2016. Photo by Amy Harris/REX/Shutterstock (5691608bt)

Chris Alder, one of the founding members of Lamb of God, has finally explained his decision to quit.

Alder had been performing with his bandmates since 1994. In July, 25 years after the band originally got together under the name “Burn the Priest,” Alder revealed that he would be leaving the band for good. The band’s touring drummer, Art Cruz, has since taken over.

Now, after three months of silence, Alder has taken to Facebook to share his reasons for leaving.

“Allow me to start with a relative concept of understanding,” he wrote. “We all gave our lives to this, 26 years is not flippant. Each one of us sacrificed and lost much on a personal level to live the dream we had when we were kids. I will always love each member of the band for believing in me and agreeing to take on the world.”

He added: “We managed to find some love in the machine, but in turn it took things that cannot be recovered. I did not leave the dream. I did not make the decision to leave my life’s work. The truth is that, I am unwilling to paint by numbers.”

Elsewhere in the post, Alder debunked rumors that he had left the band due to health reasons. He clarified: “Many have asked about a motorbike accident I had in Thailand in 2017. It’s true that it was not pretty, but I’ve been well since August of 2018. Thank you for your concerns.”