Frank Ocean Shares Thoughts on Strength, Vulnerability, Music and Underwater Laps

Frank Ocean. Photo by Clint Spaulding/Shutterstock (10227716eb)

You don’t get to hear much from Frank Ocean. The 31-year-old singer-songwriter usually lets his music speak for itself. So on the rare occasion when he does give an interview, it’s interesting to see what the man behind the music actually thinks.

“I believed for a very long time that there was strength in vulnerability, and I really don’t believe that anymore,” Ocean told W magazine, discussing themes he is concerned with musically. “‘Strength’ and ‘vulnerability’ sound opposite as words. And so to combine them sounds wise, but I don’t know if it is wise.” 

Curiously, Ocean claimed his interest in music had to do with becoming successful rather than an artistic desire. “It was a driver to get out of the neighborhood,” he explained. “I remember feeling no attachment to music necessarily, more an attachment to what music could bring if I succeeded, you know, financially. And that meant freedom from my situation at the time, and maybe what I was projecting onto my own future.”

When asked if he’s currently working on any projects, Ocean replied, “My answer to that is that I’m always working on music and other things. Right now I’m working on doing four underwater laps in the pool.”

While we wish Ocean all the best with his aquatic endeavors, we do hope he’ll find the time to release some new songs between laps!