Billie Eilish Has Mixed Emotions About Becoming Famous So Young

Billie Eilish performing in San Francisco last August. Photo by MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock (9787756an)

She might be talented and successful, but even Billie Eilish herself can’t predict which songs her fans would like. The 17-year-old pop-phenomenon confessed she was surprised by the success of some of her songs on The Howard Stern show.

“I don’t know what people want anymore,” Eilish admitted. “Because I thought that everyone would hate ‘Bad Guy’ and that everyone would hate ‘When the Party’s Over.’ I don’t know what to expect now.”

Moreover, the star said she has some ambivalent feelings about becoming so successful at such a young age: “Because it happened when I was 13, there’s a part of me that feels I did miss being a teenager like I didn’t get to be a [normal] teenager.” 

But there are good sides to making it big early: “I get more and more grateful for it happening that young because I feel like, if it had happened later, people would be able to dig up dirt from when I was that age. If this hadn’t happened at that age, I would have been doing some reckless sh*t.”

Eilish is set to go on a huge tour in the UK titled “Where Do We Go?” in July next year.