Ed Sheeran Reveals Plans “To Make 10 Symbol Records”

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran. Photo by James Gourley/REX/Shutterstock (8879513ej)

The pop superstar Ed Sheeran isn’t thinking about slowing down when it comes to releasing new albums. During a recent appearance on the Armchair Expert podcast, Sheeran revealed plans to make “10 symbol records,” referring to the titles of his previous four solo studio efforts.

All of Sheeran’s albums, not counting the collab release No.6 Collaborations Project, used math symbols as their title. His debut + (plus) dropped in 2011 and was followed by x (multiply) in 2014, ÷ (divide) in 2017, and this year’s = (equal). The next in line is – (minus), which is scheduled for a 2022 release and is set to contain acoustic songs.

When asked about his plans for the future, Sheeran said that he wants to have five more albums named after symbols, although they won’t be taken from the math world.

“I’m going to make 10 symbol records, but the next five won’t be maths,” Sheeran shared.

Elsewhere in the interview with Armchair Expert, Sheeran also revealed plans to make a follow up to 2019’s No.6 Collaborations Project that saw him join forces with the likes of Justin Bieber, Cardi B, and Eminem.

“Between the next one I’ll do No. 7,” he added.

Sheeran released his most recent album = (equal) in late October. The record didn’t meet with widespread approval from the critics like his previous studio efforts and was described as “formulaic.”