Ed Sheeran Bikes Through London in New Music Video

Ed Sheeran in concert. Photo by RMV/Shutterstock (9946526o)

Ed Sheeran’s latest album is a gift that keeps on giving, and there’s a special something about each of his collaborations. “Nothing On You,” featuring rappers Paulo Londra and Dave, is no different, and it’s the latest track from his new record to get a music video treatment.

Despite the lovey-dovey lyrics, the video for this song goes into a completely different direction. It shows Sheeran, Londra, and Dave riding bikes through London in the middle of the night, and hanging out at the warehouse while singing.

Argentine rapper Paulo Londra was surprised when the English pop star reached out to him for this collaboration and thought it would never make it to his new album because they recorded it at the last minute.

“I feel very happy that Sheeran gave me the opportunity to participate in the album and that he believed in my talent. He gave me the opportunity to show my talent. Thanks to that, the song exists,” Londra told Billboard.