Drake Releases Two New Songs Honoring Raptors Victory

Usually, when we think about the NBA, we instantly think of the United States of America, but last week, the Canadian city of Toronto finally made history. The Toronto Raptors fought an impressive victory over the Golden State Warriors in Game 6 of the NBA finals and became the first team outside of the U.S. that has won a title in the history of this championship.

If you live on this planet, you know that the Canadian rapper Drake is one of their biggest fans and is practically the team’s ambassador. He even built them a new facility to train in.

Now, he surprised his fans even more with two new track that he released to honor the winning of the Larry O’Brien Trophy for the first time in an EP he called The Best in The World Pack.

The first song he released is called “Omerta” and the second one is called  “Money in the Grave”. Maybe because he released the songs very quickly after the victory the first track sounds somewhat unfinished. For the second song he teamed up with Rick Ross and they made some points about their legacy. The beat was produced by Lil CC.