Billie Eilish Explains Why She Doesn’t Like Making Music in Studios

Billie Eilish. Photo by Shutterstock (10248123f)

Billie Eilish made history at this year’s Grammys when she became the first woman to ever receive the “big four” awards at once. What makes her triumph even more impressive is the fact she recorded her album at her childhood home, as she isn’t a huge fan of studios.

Eilish recently discussed her big victory with Vogue and described it as an “exciting thing for the kids who make music in their bedroom” because it proves you don’t need money for a recording studio to actually make an amazing album.

As a matter of fact, the 18-year-old singer isn’t a huge fan of studios in general and hates everything from their smell to the lack of daylight. She prefers writing, recording, and editing music at home alongside her brother and creative partner Finneas O’Connell.

“In the beginning, all we would hear was, ‘Let’s put you in the studio with this person and that person.’ So we did go into the studio and work with this producer or writer or artist or whatever, and it was fine, but nothing ever did what me and Finneas alone do,” Eilish told Vogue.