Amy Winehouse Receives Posthumous BRIT Billion Award

Amy Winehouse in concert in 2008
Amy Winehouse in concert in 2008. Photo by Mike Chapman/REX/Shutterstock (800676j)

The BRIT Billion Award is presented to acts who managed to reach one billion streams in the UK, and one brilliant artist just joined the pack. Amy Winehouse was announced as the latest recipient of the posthumous BRIT Billion Award, and her parents collected it on her behalf.

The BRIT Billion Award has been introduced in 2023, and it’s been given to 25 artists so far. Amy Winehouse is the latest star to join the roster after crossing one billion online streams in the United Kingdom, including over 150 million plays for her seminal song “Back to Black”.

Mitch and Janis Winehouse, the parents of the late singer, accepted the award on her behalf and said they’re proud to see her music resonate with the audiences today.

“It’s amazing that she is still winning awards for her incredible talent and achievements… It’s wonderful that her music is being discovered by new audiences of young people who love it just as much as her contemporaries. We are so proud of Amy. Thank you,” they said in a statement.

Amy Winehouse rose to prominence during the 2000s with her albums Frank and Back to Black. She became one of the defining British artists of her generation and won five Grammy Awards for Back to Black before her tragic passing in 2011.