TRL will not be cancelled and will actually expand

TRL Hosts. Photo by Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock (9028249sj)

After TRL made its return last October, some started to think that it would once again be taken off the air. However, as it turns out, that this is out the case.

MTV President Chris McCarthy spoke out against the rumors and added that MTV is looking to possibly expand the franchise by this summer.

“It’s thriving. We’re expanding the franchise and will have three TRLs by summer,” McCarthy shared, Consequence Of Sound reports. “TRL has delivered incredible growth on linear and we’ve experienced two to three times the growth in our video streams and TRL is big piece of it—and that’s why we’re expanding it; we want more.”

According to Billboard, the afternoon show will be directed towards the 12-24 age group while the half-hour late show will be directed towards the 18-34 demographic.

McCarthy added that the morning show which is in development and which has been dubbed Total Request A.M will be a “pure one-hour music block that’ll be almost a visualization of your playlist, as well as performances and interviews.”