Skullcrusher Shares Title Track For Upcoming Summer EP

Singer-songwriter Helen Ballentine recently announced that she’ll be releasing a new EP in the summer, and released the title track to go with it. Ballentine, also known under the stage name Skullcrusher, released “Storm In Summer” to give fans a taste of what they can expect from the upcoming EP.

The song itself is a beautiful mix of shimmering guitars and banjo licks, providing an elegant backdrop for Ballentine’s sweet vocal sound. The sound shows signs of her early work, but with an exciting new energy.

However, “Storm In Summer” isn’t the only track from the EP that Ballentine has released so far. Back in February, she released “A Song For Nick Drake”, which is also set to be included in the collection of songs.

Ballentine herself had this to say about the upcoming EP: “I wrote ‘Storm in Summer’ after releasing the first Skullcrusher EP. Over that summer I thought a lot about what it means to really put myself out there and share something personal.”

She continued to say that she felt “vulnerable and overwhelmed” that the previous songs she had written might’ve been getting “misinterpreted or disliked.”

“I think the song really tries to communicate these anxieties in a cathartic way while also leaning more into the beauty of relinquishing part of myself.”

Check out “Storm In Summer” below!