Noah Cyrus Confronts Loneliness in Vulnerable New Video

Noah Cyrus. Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Variety/Shutterstock (9788293hs)

Noah Cyrus is really finding her voice as a songwriter and expressing her deepest emotions through each new track she drops. Her latest single “Lonely” sees the young singer addressing her struggles with depression and anxiety.

The music video for her new song is pretty minimalistic, and it shows Cyrus surrounded by a white void while dressed completely in black. In the beginning, it seems like she’s on her own, but we quickly find out she’s actually surrounded by choir members in black robes.

Just like with her previous music video for “July,” Noah Cyrus tried to create another visual that’s capable of conveying an important message.

“Sometimes there can be dozens of people around you but you still feel lonely. I wanted the video to show what it could really feel like,” explained the singer.

“Lonely” was directed by Cyrus and Symone Ridgell, who said this video is about “vulnerability, trauma and dropping your facade, but also about human connection and finding strength among others.”