Nick Jonas Shares Music Video for Gospel-Inspired Single “This Is Heaven”

Nick Jonas in concert with Jonas Brothers in 2020
Nick Jonas in concert with Jonas Brothers in 2020. Photo by RMV/Shutterstock (10549766l)

Nick Jonas gave us his first solo album in five years with Spaceman, and each new song is a gift that keeps on giving. The music video for his latest single “This Is Heaven” is here, and it’s truly an emotional rollercoaster.

The video for “This Is Heaven” continues where “Spaceman” left off, and it shows Jonas in front of a giant control panel, isolated and all alone again. The singer can also be seen performing the song with the London Community Gospel Choir, before seeking freedom by running through the woods.

Jonas discussed “This Is Heaven” during a recent interview with SiriusXM Hits 1, and said it’s meant to encapsulate that euphoric feeling of being with your person.

“For me, it’s obviously a romantic thing, but I think for anybody that listens to this song … it’s really about that feeling of when we’re going to do that first normal thing again, or when we’re going to see that the friends and family we haven’t seen in almost a year or beyond,” explained Jonas.

“This Is Heaven” was released as the second single from the singer’s new album Spaceman, which came out on March 12th.