New Deftones Album Will “Definitely Be Out Next Year”

Lead singer Chino Moreno of the band Deftones in 2017. Photo by Ricky Bassman/CSM/Shutterstock (8864052af)

Fans of Deftones have been patiently waiting for a new album since 2016, and the wait is almost over. Frontman Chino Moreno recently discussed the band’s new material, and said their new album will “definitely be out next year.”

In a recent interview with NBC 7 San Diego, Moreno revealed they’ve been working on this record for about a year now, but they’re not rushing anything and don’t want to share new music with the world until they’re happy with the final product.

“Our biggest thing is making sure that it’s good. We’ll be performing it, once it’s out, for the next two or three years, so we want to be sure it’s the best it can be and want to make everyone happy – including ourselves,” explained the singer.

Moreno also said they got “into experimental sort of modes” and “felt really free” while recording their ninth studio album. It will serve as the follow-up to their 2016 record Gore, and Deftones vocalist promises it will hit the shelves sometime next year.