Metal God Rob Halford Wants to do a Duet With Country Legend Willie Nelson

Rob Halford of Judas Priest in concert. Photo by IBL/REX/Shutterstock (5480505d)

There isn’t much Rob Halford hasn’t done yet. The 68-year-old “Metal God,” as fans have dubbed him, has been on stages just about everywhere and with just about everyone. But as it turns out, there is one thing the legendary frontman of Judas Priest cannot yet boast that he has performed.

Halford was speaking on the Full Metal Jackie show about his upcoming album Celestial when the matter of this unmet challenge arose: “There’s a beautiful song on this album called “Morning Star,” and I kind of put that song together pretty quickly,” he explained. “I was in the kitchen of my house playing acoustic guitar and this song just started to happen. And as I was playing it, I could hear Willie Nelson in the background singing along with me.”

Halford was quick to come to terms with his serendipity: “I thought, ‘How cool would this be, for The Metal God and Willie Nelson to do kind of a duet?’ And he’s like a God, right? Willie Nelson is a God. And as luck would have it, Willie is on the same label as I am — Sony/Legacy. So we’re trying to see if that could be a possibility.”

Both Halford and Nelson first rose to prominence in the ‘70s, and Halford demonstrated genuine respect to the country music icon. “I love what he does with his music; I love what he does for America; I love the way he supports the farmers and the very important people that put the food on our tables here,” Halford expanded on his admiration of Nelson. “So that would be great if that could happen.”

We sincerely hope that these two titans of their respective genres find a way to make this duet take place!