Mabel is on the Road to Become the Next Big Pop Star

Mabel McVey. Photo by Richard Nicholson/Music Pics/REX/Shutterstock (10013869e)

Calling British singer Mabel a rising star doesn’t do her justice. Her big break was a long time coming, and she finally got it with her smash hit “Don’t Call Me Up”.

This catchy tune has overtaken radio waves in the last few months, and it became Mabel’s first no. 1 hit on the R&B chart in her home country. The young singer also managed to make it to Billboard Top 40, proving the world she has the potential to be an international star.

“Don’t Call Me Up” has been hailed as the “New Rules” of 2019, since it celebrates the art of letting go of your ex in the same way Dua Lipa’s hit did two years ago. The success of this song took Mabel by surprise since it feels quite unreal to hear your song everywhere you go.

“It’s really insane. I think when you’re sort of in the eye of the storm, it’s such a difficult feeling to grasp. Obviously, I’m so excited and stoked to be here… It’s definitely something that I’ve wanted for a long time,” said the young star while discussing her success with Billboard.

“Don’t Call Me Up” put Mabel on everyone’s radar, but it’s not her first big hit in the UK. A collaboration with Kojo Funds, “Finders Keepers”, was her first single to make it to top 10 on R&B chart in this country, and “My Lover” and “Fine Line” managed to do the same.