Khalid Goes On an Epic Road Trip in Music Video for “Free Spirit”

Khalid. Photo by imageSPACE/REX/Shutterstock (10019276y)

Khalid recently dropped his sophomore studio album, and what a better way to celebrate its release than with a music video for the titular single.

“Free Spirit” sees the R&B star going on a road trip with his friends, and having the time of his life. They are shown cruising around in a custom-made van and enjoying the life to the fullest.

This video was actually adapted from a short film directed by Emil Nava, which accompanied the release of Khalid’s latest album. Watching it in its entirety will give you a better understanding of this record, but it’s safe to expect footage from this film will be used in some of the future music videos.

“Free Spirit” was officially released on April 5, and experts are predicting it will be Khalid’s first album to top Billboard Top 200 Album chart. He sees this record as his most mature and self-reflective work to date – and it also happens to be his favorite.

“After making the first album and impacting people in such a positive way, I was kind of nervous about diving into the second album. But that’s the way it started, and now it’s my favorite body of work yet,” explained Khalid while chatting with Billboard.