Lana Del Rey Drops New Single “The Grants”

Lana Del Rey at the LACMA: Art and Film Gala in 2018
Lana Del Rey at the LACMA: Art and Film Gala in 2018. Photo by Matt Baron/Shutterstock (9960023qk)

Lana Del Rey’s new album Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd is just around the corner, and she dropped another single ahead of its release. “The Grants” serves as the third single from this album, and it pays homage to some of the singer’s family members.

Del Rey’s real name is Elizabeth Grant, and the title of this song is clearly an ode to her family. At the very end, she speaks about carrying memories of her loved ones with her to the afterlife, singing, “My sister’s first-born child / I’m gonna take that too with me / My grandmother’s last smile / I’m gonna take that too with me.”

Del Rey previously revealed that her new album will revolve around family affairs, and directly address some of her family members, including her grandpa, her brother, her dad, and her uncle.

“Family of origin is the overall theme. I think with Blue Banisters I wanted to capture this idea too, but I flew it under the radar… In this album, I got to really finish my thoughts and get super specific, which I was not comfortable with completely before,” the singer told Billboard.

Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd will hit the shelves on March 24, and it will feature a total of 16 singles, including the title track and the second single “A&W”.