Jimmy Page Shares the Story Behind His Iconic Mirrored Guitar

Jimmy Page in 2015. Photo by Joanne Davidson/REX/Shutterstock (7528854eb)

Legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page was once the proud owner of the totally unique iconic mirrored guitar, which is now available to purchase from Fender guitars.

The intriguing guitar was designed by Page himself to make his performances even more psychedelic and entertaining for audiences. Few guitars in rock ‘n’ roll history are as special and iconic as his.

The Led Zeppelin guitarist explained that following his time with the Yardbirds, he wanted a guitar he could really make his own.

“I tried applying mirrors to it so you could use it in an optical way,” he recalls. “It was this whole thing of the reflective surfaces, and you could actually reflect the light onto other things; to make it sort of almost kinetic at the same time…”

You can watch the full video here:

The official description of the guitar on the official Fender website reads: “Few guitars are as important to the history of rock as the Telecaster Jimmy Page used to create the iconic, genre-defining riffs of Led Zeppelin. Originally received as an undecorated gift from Jeff Beck, he used this 1959 Telecaster to unleash his larger-than-life riffage and fierce soloing upon the world.”

It also adds: “To recreate this legendary instrument, Master Builder Paul Waller and Page collaborated in person to ensure each guitar of these 50 sets perfectly matches the original. Page visited our Custom Shop in Corona, CA and personally painted a portion of the dragon design on each guitar. We’re both pleased and proud to present this instrument that honors the man, his music and the guitar he used to create it.”

You can find out more here about the mirrored and dragon designs here.