Glass Animals Cover Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box”

Dave Bayley (left) and Drew Macfarlane of Glass Animals perform at Okeechobee Festival, earlier this month. Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images

During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many musicians are opting to use their time at home to be creative. That was also the case with Glass Animals’ frontman Dave Bayley, who recently started a new project titled Quarantine Covers. Bayley plans to release a number of covers in upcoming days, and will even take requests by fans.

To start the project, Bayley chose one of his “all-time favorites” and presented the fans with his rendition of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box.” Compared to the original, Bayley’s cover is slower, with most of the instrument parts swapped for electronic beats. Hear it below. 

“I’ve been quarantined in my studio,” Bayley wrote below the video. “So I’m taking requests for covers. Keep sending over ideas, and I’ll try a couple of em. Miss you all stay safe and take care of each other in this strange time.”

Nirvana released “Heart-Shaped Box” back in 1993, with the song serving as the first single for their third studio album In Utero. The track made it to No.1 on US Alternative Songs charts, while breaking into Top 10 in several other countries. The song became one of the most recognizable Nirvana’s works.