Every Song On “Norman F***ing Rockwell” Ranked From Worst To Best

Lana Del Rey. Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock (9959974ba)

Lana Del Rey’s Norman F***ing Rockwell has been out for a couple of weeks now and since it landed, we have collectively listened to it dozens of times. Here’s our ranking of every song on the record from worst to best.

14. Bartender

“Bartender” is probably the least memorable track on the record. It is the last of the weaker tracks before the album picks back up again for its big finish.

13. The Next Best American Record

“The Next Best American Record” is also quite forgettable. Lana loses us for a moment in the middle of the album and this is the point where we are most likely to get distracted.

12. Cinnamon Girl

“Cinnamon Girl” is another track which is adequate but not particularly special. The song fails to captivate us in the way the former tracks do and is one of three average tracks on the album.

11. How To Disappear

“How To Disappear” marks the point on this list where every track which follows is either great or fantastic. The song is simple but Lana shows off her vocal range at the end of each verse.

10. Happiness is a butterfly

“Happiness is a butterfly” is the emotional penultimate track. It is a song about chasing happiness and failing. It is beautifully done.

9. The greatest

“The greatest” may not be the greatest track on the album but it’s pretty good. It begins with a theatrical intro and then we have Lana and her piano.

8. California

“California” is one of the few songs on the album we would tentatively describe as “catchy.” If this is the median point on the record, it demonstrates just how great the rest of the album is.

7. F**k It I Love You

Saying “I Love You” is not always a tender, romantic moment. Sometimes, it’s giving in to your feelings despite yourself as Lana beautifully demonstrates in this track.

6. Venice Bitch

“Venice Bitch” is a nine-minute story of a love affair with Norman Rockwell. “Oh God, miss you on my lips / It’s me, your little Venice bitch” has been going around our head for days.

5. Norman F***ing Rockwell

The record’s titular track is Del Rey’s strongest album opener yet. Accompanied by a piano, she pulls us into her unconventional love story and has us hooked.

4. Love Song

“Love Song” is a more romantic moment on the record. “Oh, be my once in a lifetime” she begs before confessing to being a “mess.”

3. Doin’ Time

“Doin’ Time” is the only cover song on the album. Lana does justice to the original while completely making it her own. Her cover is sultry, provocative and she does not change any of the pronouns.

2. Mariners Apartment Complex

“Mariners Apartment Complex” is beautifully crafted from start to finish. The lyrics are some of her most powerful and the track is a seductive kind of ballard that pulls us in.

1. hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have – but I have it

The album closer is the rawest and most emotional track. Lana’s lyrics are daringly honest and she even compares herself to the tragic writer, Sylvia Plath. She shows us here that Lana Del Rey is at her best when it is just her and the piano. That’s all she needs to powerfully tell her story and captivate her audience.