Dua Lipa Explains Why It Took Her Three Years To Record Her Second Album

Dua Lipa with her Grammy awards for Best New Artist, Best Dance Recording. Photo by Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock (10095021ah)

Britsh pop sensation Dua Lipa exploded into our lives in 2017 with her incredibly successful, self-titled debut album. She has since teased us about releasing her second album more than once, but only recently did it become official.

“I was writ­ing so much on the road for the first one,” Lipa explained to The Face when asked it took her so long to finalize work on her next album. “I got thrown into this crazy pro­mo sched­ule, and then I end­ed up tour­ing for three years.”

The success of her first album is made doubly impressive when you remember how much harder it is for new artists to break out nowadays. “I remem­ber when Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed a Girl’ came out,” Lipa contrasted her own rise to fame with that of the veteran pop-queen. “It was like, where did this per­son even come from? All of a sud­den, it was just a mas­sive smash all over the world and every­body knew who Katy Per­ry was.”

She went on to add: “Things were so dif­fer­ent back then, you just had to have one big song, and peo­ple would play it on the radio, and that’s it. Where­as now, you real­ly have to nur­ture every lit­tle part of it.”

We still don’t have a definite release date or the album’s title, but since it’s Lipa, we are willing to hang on for a while longer!