Celine Dion’s “Courage” is a Testament to Her Strength

Celine Dion in concert in 2007. Photo by ITV/REX/Shutterstock (728406da)

Celine’s Dion’s first English album in six years is bold, unpredictable, and a testament to her strength.

Dion’s last English-language album Loved Me Back to Life may have been released back in 2013, but the word “comeback” need not apply to one of the world’s best-selling artists. A lot has happened since 2013, namely the death of Dion’s husband and manager René Angélil. For the first time in her career, Dion has released an album without Angéil’s guidance.

After all the grief and heartbreak of the last few years, Dion’s new album is a testament to her strength. The opening track “Flying On My Own” says it all. Dion has found the courage to continue making music and though she may be flying solo, she claims: “I’m flying on my own / On the wings of your love.” Her husband may no longer be with her, but she sings not just of the pain of loss, but of her gratitude that she found a love so great.

Dion’s timelessness as an artist has been found in her ability to take a tender moment and transform it into a power ballad. The Titanic theme “My Heart Will Go On” has endured through Dion’s capacity to celebrate love as both undying and resilient. The new album revisits the message that it is better to have loved and lost, for humans have a relentless capacity to endure.

“Lying Down” is a compelling ballad that begins with romantic power and transforms into something darker and grittier. Dion’s voice is as powerful as ever and there is a new edge to it. This is a woman who has lost her center of gravity and has returned with a newfound strength.

What is perhaps most surprising about Courage is the unpredictable burst of EDM. Flying on My Own is an Ibiza banger while the titular track “Courage” is a tender ballad your nan would probably enjoy. “Baby” is similarly surprising following the hard-hitting track “For The Lover That I Lost.”

Containing 20 tracks, it is hard not to believe that Courage has something for everyone. What is a little less clear, however, is how Courage holds together as an album. With such a mix of genre and emotion, there is perhaps no mood that would inspire a person to sit through Dion’s latest work unless they are already a diehard Dion fan. Fortunately, there are a lot of diehard Dion fans out there, and so Courage will likely be well-received.